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      Before my Grandma passed away, we had made plans for her to come into the studio and have some portraits done. She was feeling better, but we kept putting it off just a few days at a time. Then she fell, and within 48 hours she was gone. My Grandpa came to me in one of the days that followed with a sullen look on his face, and said “We never did get those photos.” I have one photo of myself, my mom, my daughter and my Grandma, and though it’s just a cell phone snapshot in the living room, it means the world to me.

      Recently I had a conversation about the importance of these generational photos with a friend of mine, and she took it to heart and we planned a session for her. My heart sings with pride to have captured these special moments for her. You never know when what seems like all the time in the world will come to an abrupt end.

      Never lose a chance to hug someone, tell them that you love them, and take a photo with them. xoxoxoxo

      4-Generation-photos_0033.jpg4 Generation photos_0038.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0034.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0037.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0042.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0039.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0041.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0040.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0043.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0035.jpg
      4 Generation photos_0036.jpg


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